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The word of God says in Proverbs 8:12 that God will give you wisdom.  The wisdom God gives is valuable and more precious than silver or gold, and it will produce many things in the life of a believer including witty ideas and concepts.  These ideas have the capacity to produce financial increase in the life of a believer.  Knowing this as truth I began standing on this scripture.  Over a period of time, as I was obedient to do as God told me to do, God birthed the "Shooting Coach" idea through the basketball academy business He had me start in 1996.  This idea was birthed as I stood on the scripture and then at the right time "The Shooting Coach" was born in 2003.  The idea started while working with our academy students on proper shot release.  With a piece of tape I developed a vertical line around the ball for the players to be able to read their current release.  This worked fine for a few students but I noticed that all of my students did not have the same shooting problems.  I immediately had an idea from an infant toy that had two different colors on each side.  When that toy was spun it would blend and turn a different color.  That idea was incorporated into the vertical release stripe so the player could identify rotation, as well as release.  From there I added a horizontal axis made out of tape so I could determine how many times the ball rotated.  Several friends and instructors shot the ball for me so I could take notes and make adjustments.  More panels were added so we could read full and partial rotations and at that point "The Shooting Coach" had been invented.  The process from conception to having the first sample fully developed took two weeks, however, the process of getting the ball produced and marketed had just begun.

To produce the first sample model of the ball I began with a sketch that I had drawn on a napkin.  The process to produce the model was slow and time consuming, but well worth the time invested.  After I had a sample I tested it in our training facility with several of our academy students.  Small modifications were made and thus the ball was ready for production.   At this point I filed for a patent.  I received patent pending status and with the approval of my attorney, I began contacting companies to see if anyone was interested in leasing the idea.  I soon found out that many people did not understand the product and thus were not interested. One of those who did decline the leasing option later produced a ball similar to "The Shooting Coach."  However, regardless of the steps to get the ball to market, the journey has been worth the process.

From that point I contacted one company who agreed to work with us to have the ball manufactured.  They worked on our behalf by communicating to their overseas manufacturer.  After a few balls were made they scrapped the process due to communication problems and a manufacturer issue regarding the vertical release stripe.  From there we moved onto another company who helped us in the same manner.  This company was very generous and worked diligently to help us get this training aid produced.  We worked for almost a complete year with this company but like the first,  we had an issue with the manufacturer producing a perfect vertical release stripe and due to the amount of time that needed to be invested this company was not able to help us get the ball to market.  From that point, we found a third company overseas that was able to help us produce the ball.  From our intial inquiry they produced a ball from just the e-mails that were sent.  This ball was perfect, crisp and clean, and one that fit our specifications.  A few minor adjustments were made and within a 6 month period of time a ball was produced that fit our specifications and thus our first order of 2088 was fulfilled and received in February 2005.  The entire process took time and patience, however, with persistence the product has come to pass and it is producing the promised increase.

God is faithful and I pray that you have enjoyed this look into our journey.  Thanks and God Bless.


Painting samples for manufacturers.
Taped off samples drying in the sun.
Samples drying in the sun.
Paint one color at a time.  Took one month to paint sample.
Layers and layers of paint per color for sample.
Paint, dry for a couple of hours, and paint again.
Repeat and do it again.
And again.
And again for numerous layers of paint per color.
Tape off and coloring orange sections black.
Five samples to do.
Almost done.
Almost finished. 
Step by step.
Paying the price to produce.
Finished sample product for manufacturer.

1st Sample from first manufacturer.
1st Sample from 2nd Manufacturer. 

1st Sample from third manufacturer.
FINISHED PRODUCT from third manufacturer.  First order of 2088 placed.  Two year time period from inspiration to product in hand.

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