Revolutionary Shooting Training Aid

“The Shooting Coach” is a basketball shooting training aid with a patented
shooting method designed to help players accelerate their shooting potential.

Dr. James Naismith, The Inventor of Basketball
"The more I watch the game, the more I realize that while easy to understand and simple to demonstrate, it is nevertheless a challenge to skill.  It is only through thorough grounding in
fundamentals and constant practice that championships are won."

- Dr. James Naismith, The Inventor of Basketball
1939, The Rotarian Magazine
Topic: The Challenges of Basketball


Since basketball was invented players have had the desire to become better at the game.  Some players understand the importance of the perimeter game and shooting the basketball and have worked to develop their shooting capacity.  These would-be shooters work countless hours hammering fundamental principles without truly understanding what they are executing due to limited visual feedback that is given from a brown or orange basketball.  Players call out release, rotation, and follow-through without truly understanding what influence they are having on the ball.  These players, through sheer determination, lock into these principles, however, without true knowledge and understanding of these principle fundamental components a players results are "hit" or "miss."  At this point the only way a player can measure his/her successful is if the ball goes in the basket.  However, this form of feedback only helps a chosen few and does not provide all shooters with the information needed to make the required adjustments to receive the desired result of more made baskets.  To provide greater assistance to the shooter he/she needs a visual aid to help him/her identify what is taking place when the ball is released.  A traditional basketball does not provide such feedback.  That is why “The Shooting Coach” was invented.  Invented and developed by the Fundamentals Basketball Academy "The Shooting Coach" is a basketball shooting training aid with a patented shooting method designed to help a player visually read his or her current shot release and rotation with every release of the ball.  This training aid takes the fundamental elements of shooting the basketball and provides an avenue for the shooter to ensure immediate visual feedback each time the ball is released until the desired result of more made baskets is achieved.


    In learning how to become a shooter it is a good idea to start with an excellent foundation.  Good shooting mechanics are a necessity for any player that is in the process of developing his/her shooting ability.  Every players goal should be to develop proper shooting mechanics through emphasis on fundamentals.  As consistency develops the player can expand his/her overall capacity to shoot the basketball by adding other components that are desperately needed and sometimes overlooked (i.e., shooting with the dribble, full court fast break jump shot, etc...)  Our focus at the Fundamentals Basketball Academy is to develop players that are well rounded and have the capacity to dictate to opponents in any given situation.  We want our players to become PURE shooters as opposed to a STREAK shooter.  Pure shooters can shoot the ball.  Streak shooters are "hit" or "miss" or "on" or "off", and our goal is to be able to consistently shoot the basketball regardless of the situation and get the result needed; a made basket.  As a pure shooter we know that the defense will be drawn to the players shooting ability.  This places our players in a situation to be able dictate to the defense.  Our players can put the basketball on the floor going to the basket and/or take one or two dribbles, right or left, and pull up for a jump shot.  As a true perimeter shooter the player can stay outside and shoot the basketball.  As a result the defense will be drawn to the players shooting ability.  The player will then be able to do a variety of other things with the ball [i.e., to drive the ball to the basket and finish or get fouled, dribble left or right and pull up for the shot, handle the ball on the fastbreak and pull up for a perimeter jump shot, and move without the basketball until they are in a position to receive the pass and pull up for a shot.]  In developing this type of shooter "The Shooting Coach" was developed to help arm and equip students with a resource to assist them in their shooting development.
Please note:  The information listed is about developing a player that has the capacity to shoot the basketball in any given situation.  When we shot the basketball we are talking about more than just standing there and catching the ball and shooting it in the basket.  Players that can do it all are rare and valuable.  Interested, then please continue to read on . . . . . .

How "The Shooting Coach" was developed and how it works:
Since 1996 the Fundamentals Basketball Academy has helped numerous individuals develop and advance their skill level in the game of basketball. Shooting the basketball is one of the skills that we take great pride in developing in our students. The ability to develop a consistent and habitual shot and the capacity to execute that shot properly and attain the desired result of making a basket requires a clear understanding of shooting fundamentals.  Players need the proper technique for shooting the basketball and the knowledge of what to do. They also need feedback, preferably immediate feedback, as to whether the proper technique was employed for each shot. Players need a reminder with each shot, until the proper technique, properly executed, becomes a habit.

Practicing to acquire a skill is most effective if a proper technique is properly executed numerous times. Among other things, practice strengthens required or useful muscles. Practice also creates control. However, practicing a wrong technique or executing a technique improperly teaches wrong technique and is counter-productive. In fact, bad practice may be worse than no practice. Poor practice limits an athlete’s ability to perform or to improve in any sport or activity.

Practice should employ proper technique for each basketball shot. There have been many "how-to" books and manuals written about learning how to play the game of basketball and proper form and technique in shooting the basketball.  However, such writings fail to include means for ensuring that the technique employed by the athlete is proper and consistent with the writings’ instructions.  When shooting the basketball, in order to control the shot with repeated, identical, correct, and habitual positioning and movement, immediate feedback is needed for the athlete to be aware of whether the balls flight and rotation is proper. Such immediate feedback immediately informs the player as to whether the shooting technique was properly executed. With proper technique, properly executed, the technique becomes habit, even reflex, resulting in the desired result of a made basket.


If you are truly serious about becoming a better shooter then  and let us help you
start on the road to elevating your shooting potential.

The Shooting Coach - Basketball Shooting Training Aid
- Dr. James Naismith, 
The Inventor of Basketball
The Shooting Coach - Basketball Shooting Training Aid
Develop your shot by turning knowledge into wisdom 
with every release of the Fundamentals Basketball Academy's
new patented product
"The Shooting Coach"

The Shooting Coach - Basketball Shooting Training Aid

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