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Fundamentals Basketball Academy
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Fundamentals Basketball is a year-round basketball academy designed to help individuals develop and progress in the game of basketball.  The Fundamentals Basketball Academy offers various programsto suit the needs of individuals with different basketball backgrounds and skill levels.  Instructing and developing any individual's basic fundamental basketball skills or taking a player's skill level up a notch, are only a few of the things the Fundamentals Basketball Academy has to offer.  With a variety of programs available, an individual can develop and progress, and move on to a class or program that will suit his or her needs best.  The Fundamentals Basketball Academy is determined to help any individual, of any age and skill level, progress and develop in the game of basketball.

Training and developing players since 1996.

"The more I watch the game, the more I realize that while easy to understand 

and simple to demonstrate, it is nevertheless a challenge to skill.  It is only 

through thorough grounding in fundamentals and constant practice

that championships are won."

- Dr. James Naismith, The Inventor of Basketball
1939, The Rotarian Magazine
Topic: The Challenges of Basketball

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  If you're not training hard someone else is!

Company and Owner Profile

     Fundamentals Basketball Academy:  The Fundamentals Basketball Academy was opened in August of 1996.  Its primary goal and function was to provide basketball instruction in a personal setting in order to help its students progress and develop in the game of basketball.  The academy and its programs have evolved tremendously since it opened in 1996, however, the level of dedication and desire to better serve the students and their parents still remain the Fundamental Basketball Academy's main priority.  The academy is dedicated to improving its skill level and knowledge so that it may better equip and train the students that attend.  Our most popular program, the one-on-one personal basketball training, helps our staff work with students on a more personal and focused level.  With the personal instruction format, the instructors, students, and the parents have seen tremendous results. Even though our one-on-one personal instruction is the most popular program the academy offers, we remain dedicated to offering other programs, such as clinics and camps, in an effort to help individuals develop and progress in the sport of basketball.  These formats help us reach more students and provide them with the fundamental teaching needed to improve their basketball skill level.  The atmosphere at the Fundamentals Basketball Academy is charged with dedication and determination. The academy is equipped with the necessary knowledge, resources, and experience needed to help each and every participant develop and progress in the game of basketball.

TROY SOWDERS:As a graduate of Franklin College, Troy had the distinct honor of being a member of a rich basketball program.  As a member of the team, he shared in an Indiana Collegiate Athletic Conference championship, two 20-plus win seasons, a 1990-1991 perfect home record, an NAIA District 21 championship runner-up, and a trip to Taiwan to play the Taiwanese National Team.
     As a student of the game, he has had the opportunity to work the Calbert Cheaney and Steve Alford Basketball camps as a camp coach and he has served as the Camp Director and Head Basketball Instructor of the Fundamentals Basketball Academy camps (1996 - Present).  He has attended the University of North Carolina Coaches' Clinic and he served as the head coach of the 7th and 8th grade boys' basketball team at St. John's Catholic school.  He has also conducted numerous fundamental and shooting clinics in addition to the one-on-one personal instruction he offers as part of the Fundamentals Basketball Academy's instruction.

     In August of 1996 he opened the Fundamentals Basketball Academy in Evansville, Indiana.  The choice to open the academy came after declining several high school basketball coaching positions.  The basketball academy afforded Troy the opportunity to instruct and train individuals from the first grade up to the professional level.  In that time Troy has trained students from the first grade up to the professional level and has logged over 10,000 plus hours of personal basketball training.  Ironically, Troy never played junior high or high school basketball.  His desire to learn and his fundamental work ethic has helped him build his basketball skill level and his ability to instruct and teach basketball fundamentals.

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